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Looking to conduct a clinical study? Don’t let the wrong Clinical Research Organization (CRO) derail your success and drain your resources. With CRO Select, we ensure you choose the right CRO for your study, considering all the crucial parameters for successful delivery.

At Bios Health Group, we understand the challenges involved in selecting the right CRO. Our experienced team has worked closely with numerous CROs, gaining valuable insights and intelligence to separate fact from fiction. We know the industry inside out and can guide you towards making the optimal CRO selection.

Why is choosing the right CRO so important? The consequences of selecting the wrong CRO can be both time-consuming and costly. From delayed timelines to compromised data quality, a poor CRO choice can jeopardize your entire study. But with CRO Select, you can rest assured that you’ll make an informed decision that aligns with your unique requirements.

Our comprehensive approach considers all the critical factors that contribute to a successful clinical study. We carefully analyze the capabilities, track record, expertise, culture, and resources of each CRO. By leveraging our deep understanding of the industry, we can match your specific needs with the most suitable CRO partner.

Some examples of what we review include: 

Do they have the therapeutic experience to deliver your study? Do they understand the challenges and mitigations involved?

Our team has extensive experience in the biotech and medical devices sector, allowing us to provide you with expert insights and intelligence throughout the selection process.

We take the time to understand your study’s objectives, timelines, and budgetary constraints. This enables us to provide you with personalized recommendations that fit your unique needs.

We objectively evaluate CROs based on their capabilities, performance, and reputation, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

By choosing the right CRO from the start, you can avoid costly mistakes and maximize your study’s efficiency, ultimately saving both time and money.

Are they leveraging key innovations e.g., Decentralized Trials, Real World Evidence etc. for your clinical trial
Do they have an experienced and available team to deliver your clinical study? Can they commit the needed resources for your study? Are they using an effective delivery model for your study?
Do they truly know these sites as they claim? Do they have sound plans to mitigate the site start up issues and ongoing management?

Are they able to truly recruit and engage the appropriate patients? How about diverse patient populations?

Is their reasonable for your study and the services included?

Do they have a quality system in place? What is their inspection history?

Is their culture and team compatible with yours?

Do they have a solid plan to handle the study logistics and manage vendors We also free up your staff and provide much needed support by
  • Providing support with the with Proposal Review
  • Attending Bid Defenses
  • Supporting the Kick-off
We provide firsthand knowledge of which CROs are better suited for which assets/drug compounds, therapeutic areas, and company cultures, since our team has worked with many of them and know them well. Let us put our insight and intelligence to work for you.


Don’t leave your clinical study’s success to chance. Trust CRO Select Bios Health Group to guide you in selecting the perfect CRO partner. Contact us today at for a FREE consultation and to ensure the smooth execution of your clinical study.

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