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Welcome to Bios Health Group, your strategic partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of biotech and life science industries. 

At Bios, we specialize in providing comprehensive guidance to early and growth-stage companies, empowering them to excel in investment, clinical development, and commercial strategy.

Our unique approach extends beyond traditional advisory roles. As both investors and venture partners, our fund invests in select biotech and life science ventures based on our investment criteria and current fund allocation status. 

One of the things that sets us apart is our Bios Innovation Circle — a dynamic venture studio and strategic hub designed to catalyze the growth of startups and growing biotech and life science companies in a cost-effective and equity-sparing manner

By leveraging this powerful network, we offer tailored solutions including an extensive network of investors and partners eager to support promising ventures from concept to commercialization.

At Bios Health Group, we’re committed to propelling biotech and life science companies toward their full potential.

Join us on a journey of innovation, partnership, and transformation.

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Our services

Strategic Drug Development Guidance


Discover the power of BioInvest, a groundbreaking platform by Bios Health Group for Investors and Startups. Seamlessly connect with promising biotech and healthcare startups, access cutting-edge research, and propel your investment portfolio to new heights. Access our Bios Innovation Circle™ to leverage solutions from partners in the forefront of innovation in healthcare and fuel the transformation of patient care. .

Strategic Drug Development Guidance


Revolutionizing drug and device development through leveraging innovations and solutions such as Artificial intelligence, Digital Health, Precision Medicine, Real World Evidence Patient Centricity and others to accelerate timelines, reduce costs, enhance patient-centricity, and unlock the full potential of pharmaceutical and medical device advancements. Our initiative is dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation within the biopharmaceutical and life science industry. Leverage Accelerate by BHG™ our comprehensive and exclusive diagnostic tool empowers Biopharmaceutical companies to proactively recognize obstacles, prioritize tasks, offer effective solutions, plan and accelerate development..

Strategic Drug Development Guidance

CRO Selection & Management

Simplify and optimize your clinical trials with Bios Health Group's expert CRO selection and management services. Utilize our proprietary tool CRO Select by Bios Health Group ™ to guide the effective selection of the Right CRO for your clinical study. Our dedicated team ensures seamless coordination, efficient operations, and precise execution at every stage of your trial. Save time, reduce costs, and drive faster, more accurate results.

Strategic Drug Development Guidance


Introducing Launch Max, the ultimate catalyst for life science ventures. Harness the expertise of Bios Health Group to accelerate your journey from concept to commercialization. Leverage our proprietary tool LaunchMax by Bios Health Group™ designed to identify key priorities, functions, obstacles, tasks, enabling companies to maximize their commercial success. Utilize our vast resources, strategic guidance, and industry insights to propel your venture forward. Fuel your success and make a lasting impact on global health.

Strategic Drug Development Guidance

On Demand Key Talent

Key talent remains a challenge in today’s dynamic market. Whether you are a small to mid-sized large bio-pharmaceutical or investment

Strategic Drug Development Guidance

Partner with us

The world’s response to COVID-19 has sped up innovation and out of the box thinking.


Knowledgeablewith excellent understanding of the challenges we face and how to creatively address them


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Extremely satisfied with the strategic guidance for our drug development program.


CSO, Biotech Company

Well connected to help us identify key seasoned diverse talent


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